It’s not so easy, starting a blog…

It’s not so easy, starting a blog. As I attempt to create this site and put some of my original writing out there, I stumble across all sorts of questions- What’s the best structure? How do I arrange my menu items? Should I really link to the AO3? That will direct traffic away from this site- presumably that’s not what you want? However, are there legal ramifications to posting fanfiction on a blog?

And, oh, the first page! It’s blog style, arranged by date… but what if I have several projects on the go? It’ll be like livejournal, impossible to find anything if I don’t take care with linking posts together!

So, here it is: For the time being, yeah, let’s keep that AO3 link, it’s just easier to post things once and be done with it… even if I could offer my readers an incentive to come here by posting updates earlier. And I’ll sticky my “Welcome” post to the top of the first page, and other than that, it’ll be a news feed of sorts, for whenever I have something to share with the world- like this! Maybe by the time you’re reading this, I’ll have it all sorted out, 😉 Otherwise, this blog, like my fiction, like life in general- is a work in progress. And that’s okay, too, isn’t it?